Nearby Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can be used differently in different places. The common use of stepping stone is to decorate your garden or house in an artistic way to give it a sanctuary like feel. Whether you are using stepping stones to create a walkway in your garden or using them to decorate your house, you can do wonders if you can make your own stepping stones. In this article we will be covering the steps involved to create your own stepping stones which are of different use and can be designed according the frame used.


Before designing your own unique stepping stone you need the following things

  • A bag of quick setting concrete
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Shovel or hoe
  • Container to use as a mold
  • Coins
  • Leaves
  • Broken tile or other hard items which can be used for decoration
  • Old spoon

The size of your stepping stone can vary but you have to make sure that its thickness is at least 2 inches. You also have to make sure that your work area is covered by newspapers or plastic wrap which will help in cleaning after you are done.

Preparing stepping stones

Before starting the preparation of stepping stone you need to decide what would be the shape and size of your stepping stone. In layman's language your structure is pre-decided and requires giving the shape. The most important thing which you have to keep in mind while preparing the stone is it has to be two inches thick. In order to give a best shape to your stepping stone you may use a mold or if you don't want to buy a mold you can use a plastic saucer ice cream bucket or a pizza box.

1. Mix the concrete with the mixture by following the manufacturer's instructions. The mixture should have the consistency of peanut butter. Quick setting concrete is available in all the home- improvement stores or hardware stores.

2. Start mixing the materials, once the materials are mixed spoon the concrete into the mold which you have designed. Level the mold gently and make sure that there is no possibility of air bubbles.

3. Leave your mixture for few minutes so that it sets in properly. Make sure that you are not decorating the stone while it is setting in the mold.

4. Once the paste is set properly into the mold start decorating your stone. You may use leaves, broken tiles, coins, colored mirrors or dishes according to your preference.

5. stepping stone. In order to make sure that the stone is set up properly, please leave the stones for three or four days without being disturbed. Once you are sure that the stone is dry, gently pop it out of the mold.

The best suggestion is to let your stepping stone to sit for a week before putting it into use. In order to prevent the stepping stone from breaking you have make sure it is not raised above the ground from more than ½ inches. Once the process is over your stepping stone is ready to use. You may use the stone according to your choice.